Please be advised that there are new cell phone and text phishing scams asking members to verify account information. We want to reassure you that California Coast Credit Union is Safe and Secure. We are not the target of these attacks; this message is for informational purposes only: Never enter your personal information over the telephone and do not respond to a text message instructing you to go to any website. California Coast Credit Union does not communicate with members through text messaging, and would never ask for personal information via email or by redirecting members to a website other than The safety and security of our members' personal information is our primary concern.

Fraud Protection

At California Coast Credit Union, we put your security first. That's why we want to help protect you from the threat of identity theft and online fraud. We recommend that you consider the following precautions to protect your identity and your computer:

  • Choose to receive your statements online to avoid paper statement mailings and to prevent thieves from obtaining your information.
  • Arrange to have your funds deposited directly to a California Coast Account. It's safer, more accurate, and best of all it is very convenient!
  • Pay your bills online. Through Cal Coast ONLINE, you can pay all your bills online in the privacy of your own home, keeping your information safe and away from thieves.
  • Get rid of the paper trail. Shred credit card receipts or store receipts, or store them in a safe until you no longer need them. Shred unused and blank checks from closed accounts, expired or unused credit cards, and shred any credit card receipt carbons.

When Online:

In recent months, attempts to defraud Online Banking members have been reported. In this scam, members and non-members of a particular financial institution receive an email message, supposedly from their bank or credit union concerning their account. The email says that there is an urgent problem with the member's account. A link is provided to a site where the member is asked to log in and provide the details of the lost data. California Coast Credit Union does not ask for personal information via email or by redirecting members to a website other than You will never receive a message from any California Coast Credit Union employee or department asking for your online banking password. If you receive any such suspicious message, please notify us immediately to confirm the legitimacy of the message.

By Phone:

You will never receive a call from California Coast Credit Union or any of its service providers asking for your member information, such as your credit card number. Be wary if someone calls you asking for your credit card number or social security number. Never give out your PIN number to anyone; you will never be asked for your PIN number by any California Coast Credit Union employee or department.

The three digit security code on the back of your card is only used for merchant verification, and you should never give this number over the phone. Visa® or MasterCard® will never legitimately need to ask for this number. If you are unsure whether or not the call is legitimate, hang up and call the toll free number on the back of your card.

Other Sources of Information:

The Federal Trade Commission has free information on how to protect your identity. Click here for more information:

It is a good idea to check your credit report annually to make sure that your information is accurate, and has not been compromised. Visit to receive your free credit report.