Credit Card Balance Transfer

Transfer your balances and start saving! Stop paying high-rate credit card balances by transferring to a Cal Coast credit card today. 

Important Information about Balance Transfers

The creditors will be paid in the order listed, up to the available credit limit. The funds will be automatically advanced from your California Coast Credit Card account to the financial institution you have designated for the amount(s) shown. 

  • The balances you want to transfer must be current.
  • If a statement is received from your creditor during this period, continue to pay the monthly payment required to avoid any late charges or delinquency on that account.
  • In order to completely pay off a current balance, you must tell us the exact amount you owe. Please do not indicate "Pay In Full."
  • Do not include disputed amounts in your balance to be transferred. You may lose certain dispute rights.
  • The transferred balance will appear on your credit card statement described as a balance transfer and interest accrues from the date of the advance. Balance transfer fees may apply. Please see your disclosure received at card account opening for details.  If you have questions about balance transfer rates or fees, please contact us at 877-495-1600.
  • You may not transfer an existing balance on any account issued by California Coast and the credit union reserves the right to refuse any balance transfer request.
  • There are costs associated with the use of the card.

Please allow 10-14 days for the requested balance transfer to post at the receiving institution. 

For more information or to request a balance transfer, please contact our Member Service Center by phone at (855) 631-2496 or toll free at (877) 495-1600 Monday - Friday from 7:30am to 6pm, and Saturday from 9am to 2pm.