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Create a customized and affordable Estate Plan to ensure your children, pets, assets, future and legacy will be handled the way you want. We're excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Trust & Will1  the most trusted name in online Estate Planning. Take advantage today with 15% off, just for being a Cal Coast member!2

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What is Estate Planning? 

Estate Planning is setting up a plan that authorizes who will eventually receive your assets. It also defines how you want your affairs to be handled in the event you're not able to handle them yourself. Many people think it's only about finances, but there's so much more involved!  Your estate is made up of all the property you own, such as: 

  • Cars
  • Houses & land 
  • Cash, savings & retirement accounts
  • Clothes & jewelry

Trusts vs Wills

There are many commonalities between a Trust and a Will, but also several differences. They both decide who will receive your assets. One big difference if when it takes effect - a Trust goes into effect immediately upon signing and funding, but a Will only goes into effect after you pass. A Will is seen as a more "simple" document, while a Trust is a bit more complex and typically has varying types and benefits, depending on your needs. 

Nomination of Guardianship

If you're a parent of a minor then at a minimum you'll want to consider having a Nomination of Guardianship. This document specifies who will look after your children, should anything happen to you while they are still minors. This is an important legal document that is a great solution for parents that aren't ready to complete their full Will or Estate Plan quite yet. 

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Online Estate Planning

Transforming the Way Families Plan for the Future

The goal of Trust & Will is to make setting up your Will, Trust or Nomination of Guardianship as simple and straightforward as possible. Here are just a few reasons why Trust & Will is a leader in Estate Planning: 

  • Affordable options without the expensive legal fees, plus plenty of added benefits
  • Legally binding documents that are customized to fit your needs in minutes 
  • A dedicated support team to eliminate the guesswork 

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