Board of Directors

Our Volunteers - Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee

The dedicated volunteers that make up our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, offer their knowledge, leadership and vision to promote the mission of California Coast Credit Union. As a Board member, duties include: setting policies to direct the general management of the affairs, funds, and records of the credit union in compliance with its bylaws and government regulations.

Our Current Board Of Directors
Steve McMahon, Chair
Fred Mehlick, Jr., Past Chair
Tom Erickson, Vice Chair
Bruce A. Husson, Secretary
Dr. Robert T. Atlman, Director
Gary Atkinson, Director
Dr. Barbara K. Brooks, Director
Kerry Flanagan, Director
Richard J. Knott, Director
Robert J. Michaels, Director
Fred Walters, Director

Our Supervisory Committee is responsible for monitoring Board policy implementation, regulatory compliance, and accurate record maintenance.

Our Current Supervisory Committee
Kathy Ma, Chair
Mary Jean Del Campo
Dennis McGrath
Warren Ruis
Jay Shepard
Ross White