Tap & Go with the California Coast
Platinum Debit MasterCard
® with PayPass

California Coast's free Platinum Debit MasterCard with PayPass is faster and easier to use than cash! Simply tap your card on the PayPass reader at the register and you're on your way - no waiting, no signing!*

Plus, the card still has a magnetic stripe for use where PayPass is not yet available, so you can swipe your card as you've always done. And, you'll get the same great benefits of California Coast's Platinum Debit MasterCard such as Smart Shopper Benefits and Zero Liability.**

With PayPass it's as simple as Tap & Go

1. Look for the MasterCard PayPass logo

2. Move your MasterCard PayPass card to the PayPass reader

3. Tap it on the universal contactless symbol

4. Lights and/or sound will indicate the card has been read and you're on your way!

PayPass Reader Variations PayPass readers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. To make sure the reader accepts PayPass devices look for the MasterCard PayPass logo, and the universal contactless symbol on the reader.

Security With secure encryption technology and Zero Liability** protection, PayPass is as safe as your regular card. And, when you Tap & Go your card never leaves your hand, so you'll have added peace of mind. Plus enjoy:

  • No accidental payments - your PayPass must be extremely close to the reader at checkout to work

  • Not billed twice - even if you tap more than once at checkout, you'll only get billed once for your purchase

Locations Click here for locations where you can Tap & Go with PayPass. Check back frequently as new locations are being added regularly.

Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions about PayPass.

* Signature not required for purchases $50 or less at participating locations. PIN may be required for debit transactions.
** Does not apply to PIN based transactions, and must be reported promptly.