Auto Loans Protection Products

When you finance your next new or used vehicle with California Coast Credit Union, you won't be left stranded on the side of the road! Our additional resources and services are just some of the ways that we help keep you worry-free! Take a look at the valuable services we offer to our members:

California Coast Guard Plus

California Coast Guard Plus has five plan options to protect your loan and your credit should an unexpected "life event" occur. Now, this protection is available on your Visa® account too!

Protection that pays-- If you find yourself in an unexpected financial situation, California Coast Guard Plus debt protection will cancel or reduce repayment of your loan debt—lessening your worries about paying loans and other bills during a time when other things may take priority. Simple eligibility requirements make enrollment fast and easy.

Unexpected events include:

  • Disability
  • Loss of Life
  • Involuntary Unemployment
  • Family Leave

Think about your future today and choose to protect yourself, your family and your credit.

Call us at 877.495.1600 and ask about California Coast Guard Plus, today.

California Coast Guard Plus is a debt protection product offered by California Coast Credit Union. Enrollment in this debt protection product is voluntary and not required to obtain a loan. Please contact California Coast Credit Union or request the Member Agreement for additional information on benefit maximums, eligibility, and limitations.

Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC)

Our Mechanical Repair Coverage is a high-quality comprehensive coverage plan that safeguards you from expensive auto repairs. Whether you're one or one hundred and one miles from home, you can be assured that our MRC will cover the cost of most repairs. And if you're out of town, our MRC includes "trip interruption" service which will help you pay for a rental car, meals, lodging, and 24/7 roadside assistance. There are no limits on claims, and if you sell your car, you have the option of transferring your policy with the car.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)**

What happens if your car is stolen or totaled? Most times, your insurance company will only pay the current market value. Our Guaranteed Asset Protection program is designed to protect you against financial loss in the event your car is stolen or declared a total loss in an accident. GAP will pay the difference between the balance of your loan, and the value of your car (max 125% LTV), and will even pay your insurance deductible up to $1000. As an added bonus, GAP will also pay you $1,000.00 toward your replacement vehicle***.

For information on our additional auto loan resources, call us at 877.495.1600.

**Available for eligible vehicles up to 10 years old with 125,000 miles or less.

***$1,000 will only be paid if insurance company does not pay loan balance in full, GAP claim is filed, and the auto loan is financed at California Coast Credit Union.