We have recently been alerted of an increase of wire transfer scams where con artists try to take advantage of their victims by convincing them to wire money with the promise of returning the funds to the victim in some form or fashion.

These can be for investment scams and often promising wealthy returns, classified ad purchases on goods that are drastically discounted, or even scams in which victims are convinced that the funds are for a family member that is desperate need for funds.

Although the hook can come in many other forms, but it's important to never wire money to anyone you haven't known for a very long time, if a deal sounds too good to be true, or if anything seems suspicious about the request. Consult with your location credit union team member, or even discuss this with a trusted friend or family member before engaging further.  

Watch out for the five red flags from the Washington State Office of the Attorney General that will signal a scam. 

Want to learn more? Download the Beware of Wire Fraud Scams: Five Tips for Consumers from the California Department of Justice.