What You Need to Know

The latest scam we've been made aware of in our area involves fraudsters pretending to be calling from your financial institution, stating there has been a breach to your account. This is a fraud tactic called spoofing, where the caller ID information is manipulated to trick you. You can read more on phone spoofing on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Website. This is not related to an internal breach within the credit union, rather, a common scam that has targeted some members and we want to make you aware so you do not fall victim. 

These fraudsters are asking for Personal Identification Information (PII), such as your banking login credentials, in an effort to commit identity theft or gain access to your account.

California Coast Credit Union will never ask for this type of PII over the phone when contacting you to validate potential fraudulent activity on your account. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from California Coast Credit Union and requesting PPI, please hang up and call us directly.

If you believe you have been a target of this scam, please contact us immediately. 

Note: This article was originally published December 16, 2020. Updated on February 10, 2021.