eAlerts are free electronic messages that can be sent to notify you about recent activity on your account. eAlerts can be sent to multiple emails and cellular phone email addresses* to help you keep track of your finances, protect you against fraud and give you peace of mind. You get to choose which eAlerts you would like to receive and then eAlerts will monitor your account activity** throughout the day and notify you when:

  • Your available balance is below an amount you specify
  • A loan payment is due
  • Your account is affected by a NSF, Debit Card Courtesy Pay or Overdraft Transfer
  • A direct deposit has posted to your account
  • A withdrawal exceeds an amount you choose
  • A check has posted
  • An ATM withdrawal or debit card purchase exceeds an amount you choose
  • A large credit card purchase was made
  • Your address or email address has been changed

Sign up for eAlerts today!

Log in to Cal Coast Online and then follow these easy steps.

  1. To add or customize your alerts, click on the "eAlerts" tab and then click on "Add Alert" in the secondary navigation row.
  2. Select the alert type and name your alert.
  3. Choose when you'd like to receive your alert and then enter your email address or cellular phone email address. (To receive alerts via text, see the "Can I receive alerts via text?" section in the FAQs).

Need more information?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us at (877) 495-1600.

*eAlerts received as text messages on your cellular phone may incur a charge from your cellular phone service provider.

**The credit union will do its best to provide eAlerts in a timely manner with current information but eAlerts may be delayed or undeliverable due to a variety of factors beyond our control (such as network outages or returned email.) We do not guarantee the delivery of eAlerts.