Making sense of the world of finances.

A new app making waves in financial education with lessons on budgeting, credit scores and loans, online financial calculators, and so much more!

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Welcome to FinSense: Your Go-to Financial Education App!

Are you ready to level up your financial game? Introducing FinSense, the free, interactive app designed exclusively for savvy teens and young adults like you.

Learn from FinSense Modules Like:

  • Master the Basics: Take control of your money like a pro.
  • Budget Like a Boss: Say hello to financial freedom.
  • Boost Your Credit: Open doors to your dreams.
  • Conquer Debt: Regain financial peace of mind.
  • Loan Know-How: Make educated choices.
  • Invest Wisely: Let your money work for you.
  • Cyber Savvy: Lock out the bad guys.

Why Choose FinSense?

For financial freedom: Take control and embrace independence.

To secure your future: Build a solid foundation.

To boost your confidence: Make decisions with confidence.

FinSense: Your go-to resource for all things finance including:

• Interactive Savings Calculator

• Interactive Budgeting Tool

Ready to get started?

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Contact Will Rivera, Manager Financial Education & School Partnerships or (619) 643-5270.

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